Title: The New Year
Word Count: 3200
Summary: Kurt and Blaine need to have a talk. A story from the Learning and Labor – the Oberlin!AU universe.
Rating: PG
Author’s Note: This is a tiny love letter - to that verse that will one day have more meat on its bones, and to the handful of people who still carry a torch for it. The story probably stands on its own, but it probably won’t mean anything to you without the context, and for this one I unapologetically recommend reading the original story first. Many thanks to chiasmuslovesme, stultiloquentia, and suchalilyofthevalley for wonderful beta reads, and to the Interlude Press team for the perfect opportunity to look back and play a little bit longer. 


The New Year

By the third week of November, Kurt has to make a decision.

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I still feel like we’re in july (we’re NOT?), so this totally made my month.

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At Least I Picked One With Morals.

Ladies, this post is for you, should you choose to interact with one of the opposite sex,

Boys are stupid. Or rather, as that idiotic book said, they don’t speak our language. If we tell them it’s okay for them to do something, they look at all the angles. Do they really mean it’s okay for us to do the thing? Am I going to do the thing and be in deep shit later? So, they ask again. Same response. Some, at this point, will go off and do the thing. Depending on what kind of lady they are with, nothing will happen or maybe they’ll be in deep shit. (Don’t be that second one!) 

But sometimes - sometimes you get some with morals. And they’ll think about the thing, they’ll really analyze the thing. The lady has gone on with her life, the thing not even a ping on her radar. Until suddenly, the thing rears its big ugly head and the lady is like what why is this still a problem? I thought we found a solution to this? What is going on right now? YOU WANT TO LEAVE OVER THIS?

And then the boy leaves for a bit and cools off and realizes he’s being an idiot and comes back and asks about the thing again. And the lady is like, really, we were going to get divorced over this shit I already gave you permission to do?

So ladies, remember, if you choose to interact with the opposite sex, remember they need a little reassurance sometimes. Even if you find it difficult at times* do so, because there will be times when you will need the same as well (like when you think your marriage is dissolving and you post to all of your followers on the internet).

(* By difficult, I mean not beating his head against something blunt for leaving you in angst for hours)

(Reassurance in real life is not exactly what you’re going to get from me.)

It’s not cheating if your wife told you to do it,

xoxo gossip Lucie

To recap, in July:

1) became unemployed

2) mucho sicko 

3) behind in classes because of #2, causing me to have to write 5 papers this week, which fine, I can write 66 pages in 5 days, right?

4) today, the day when I’m going to start, my husband comes to me and tells me he wishes me the best and loves me and hates himself for breaking my heart, but for all intents and purposes is unhappy and the problems we have can’t be fixed (which, are true because the problems he lists are things that are things I am unable to do at present time because FIBRO) so there’s no way to resolve this. and he hasn’t figured anything out but he’s pretty sure he wants to leave. I point blank asked if he wanted a divorce and he said he didn’t know and I said, well, if you leave that’s the only option because after you’ve left it’s like YOU’VE ABANDONED A SICK PERSON and I am not going to take you back after that so think long and hard before you leave.

this is the man I met at 18, he is the blaine to my kurt, we’ve been together almost 13 years which at 31, is over 40% of my lifetime. my WHOLE adult lifetime. this came totally out of left field I had no idea he wasn’t happy. like … I am at a loss for words right now. he left to go to his parents for a bit so I could ‘work on my papers.’

I can write 66 pages in 4 days, right?

(I’m so fucked. I have to finish because I cannot fail because I need that FAFSA money in fall because I cannot go live with my parents. I just … cannot.)

shoutout leaky people friday night is get lucie drunk night ow owww!?