Fic: Shatter The Walls For A New Sun {5/10}

Title Shatter The Walls For A New Sun 5/10
Rating R (will go up in later chapters)
Word Count 4,900/32,800
Summary AU in which Blaine was raised by highly religious parents and escapes to NYC with Quinn, moving in next door to Rachel and Kurt. (Alternately: Bible!Blaine meets NYC!Kurt. Shit happens.)
Notes Look, not too long of a wait! The next part should be fairly quick as well, I actually have a bit written as I started writing a chunk of it before anything, right after the prologue because it would not leave me. Also, because I’m seeing Valentina Wednesday and she might beat me if there’s no update before then.

Prologue // One // Two // Three // Four // LJ // AO3 


Kurt starts staying at work later for a few reasons. One, it never hurts to show his coworkers that he’s a team player now that he’s a salaried employee and his mornings are spent in meetings with human resources getting all kinds of things set up anyway (Kurt still doesn’t really understand what all of his investments and stock options are, but now he has them). Two, staying later affords him the excuse to meet Blaine after he gets off of work so they can ride the train back to Bushwick together. The huge rush of commute is over and they can usually find two seats next to each other, but even when they can’t, they stand close and talk quietly about their days as the train jostles and jolts down the tracks and Kurt has never been happier.

Blaine tells him about his coworkers, who he’s starting to get to know finally, or the kids and what he did with them. Some sit quietly and work on their homework, some he definitely has to plan things to entertain, and he and his coworker Amy put together a few weeks of Christmas activities - carols and crafts and one day, Blaine has macaroni and glitter stuck to his cardigan, Kurt spots beneath his coat. Kurt comments on it and the next day, Blaine shows up with a small red construction paper heart covered in glitter. He’s pretty sure they leave a sparkling trail the whole way home, but the smile never leaves his face.

Kurt changes his relationship status on Facebook about a week before heading home, when he’s sitting in Starbucks waiting for Blaine to get off work, but hides the status almost immediately. Not because he’s ashamed - quite the opposite, really, he wants to shout it from the rooftops - but Blaine doesn’t have an account, and he doesn’t feel the need to explain over a status update about his nameless, faceless boyfriend. He’s sure over the week they’re in Ohio someone will snap a picture of him and Blaine that he’ll just have to make his profile picture, and that’ll be much more fun. He just thinks it’s the right thing to do in case anyone is checking for some odd reason.

Someone was bound to catch it though, and it just happened to be Mercedes. She calls him immediately.

“Don’t think I didn’t see that sneaky Facebook business, boy, what was that about?”

She knows about Blaine (he had to call her after their first run in with Cooper), so it doesn’t take long to fill her in. “I have a favor to ask, actually. Do you think he and Quinn can go to church with you and your family Christmas morning? I mean, I walked in the place and it didn’t burn down, so.”

“Oh, hush, you. Of course they’re welcome, and you know you always are too.”

“I think I’ll pass, but I know they’ll appreciate it.” He smiles as he sees Blaine appear outside the Starbucks window and starts to pack up his belongings. He knows his family at home will appreciate a little time together, just the four of them, on Christmas morning, even though no one will admit it. He quickly asks when she’s flying in from LA, letting her know that they’re spending the whole week in Lima, Saturday to Saturday, and they’ll have to meet up before then. Kurt’s really thankful for his job title because thanks to technology, the whole department is ‘working from home’ the two weeks of Christmas and New Years, and even though he’ll be checking his phone and tablet constantly, he’s really grateful for the opportunity.

The Saturday morning they’re set to leave is hectic, because Rachel’s flight was supposed to leave Friday night out of LGA, but got cancelled, and instead of trying to get on a flight in the morning, she opts to take a voucher and come with them. Kurt’s up late waiting for her to get home and then everyone’s up early to shuffle to the car rental with all of their luggage and presents and Kurt’s hopeful there’s an upgrade available. One extra person plus luggage is not going to fit in a small sedan for ten hours comfortably.

Blaine and Kurt decide they’re going to switch off, seeing as they’re the only ones who have really driven long distances, and Blaine starts off first since Kurt knows the roads of Ohio better than he does. The girls pile in the back of the (thankfully upgraded) midsize, catching a few more hours of shut eye as Blaine makes his way through New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The weather’s cold, but at least there’s no snow, so they make good time, and are able to stop for lunch around one. Kurt takes over, and by the time they’re in Ohio hopping on 30, he can tell Blaine’s nervous. Quinn and Rachel are in the back watching ‘The Way We Were’ on Rachel’s laptop (because it’s Rachel’s goal to make Quinn watch Streisand’s entire back catalog of movies before the year is out, since she’s never seen any of them), not paying any attention to them, so he reaches across the console for Blaine’s hand.

“Hey,” he says, waiting for Blaine to glance his way instead of out the frosty window towards barren Ohio countryside. “My dad is going to love you. You have nothing to worry about.”

He really doesn’t. They drop Rachel off first and are greeted warmly by her fathers, who insist they all must come over for dinner one night. Hanukkah coincided with Thanksgiving this year, so they’ve already celebrated everything they need to the last time Rachel flew home.

Kurt, Blaine, and Quinn climb back in the car and Blaine takes a deep breath, letting his eyes slip closed. Kurt and Quinn exchange a look in the rearview mirror and the subsequent drive is quiet to the Hudson-Hummel home. Kurt’s pretty sure Blaine is praying silently, so he keeps his eyes trained on the road and gives him his space. He wishes he weren’t so nervous.

He understands, somewhat. Blaine’s been cast out from his own family, hoping to fall smoothly into Kurt’s. No matter how welcoming Kurt and Rachel have been to him and Quinn, it has to be nerve wracking. Quinn’s already had a year in LA to adjust and, well, she’s not meeting her boyfriend’s family for the first time either.

When they pull up, they sit in the car for a moment, Kurt turning to face both of them. “Finn will probably say something stupid or offensive within five minutes of meeting you, probably both, but I promise he means well. Carole’s a hugger, so watch out for the incoming, and I swear you have nothing to worry about with my father.”

Quinn clears her throat, pulling her coat and scarf tightly around her. “I’m going to grab something out of the trunk and give you two a minute. I figure we can leave most of the luggage for later, but …”

Kurt gives her a grateful smile, popping the trunk open with a push of the button under the steering wheel. “Sorry, I know I’m being … absurd,” Blaine says the moment Quinn is outside.

“No, you’re not. I can’t imagine how I would be feeling if I had to meet your parents. Actually, I’d probably be full of rage for what they made you feel and the preemptive unacceptance.” Kurt smiles gently at Blaine, who finally returns it.

“Okay, okay … it could definitely be worse. Thank you.” He leans across the console to kiss Kurt quickly, and if they had any thoughts about prolonging it, those thoughts are cut short by the loud closing of the trunk.

“Did he pep talk you into it, B?” Quinn teases once they got out. Kurt notices a blush start to form on Blaine’s cheeks and he swats at her with the ends of his scarf. Kurt suddenly wonders how often Quinn ribs on him at home when they’re alone - she really is just like an older sister to him.

Carole is the one who answers the door, and sure enough, she’s hugging Blaine and Quinn before Kurt even has a chance to introduce them properly. Finn’s right behind, and to his surprise, he wraps Kurt up in a big bear hug himself, and his dad is waiting in the wings. He hasn’t seen his dad enough in the past year - he took Amtrak down to DC a few weekends to celebrate birthdays and came back to Ohio for a week over the summer - but it’s been over six months and he doesn’t know how the time’s passed so quickly. His dad looks exactly the same, but he can tell from his dad’s face that he doesn’t.

“Well, come here already,” he says gruffly, laughing as he pulls Kurt into a hug of his own before telling Kurt to introduce him to the stragglers he brought along. Burt’s smile is kind and Blaine doesn’t come off as too nervous and Finn fails to embarrass himself. It’s a rousing success.

Everyone helps empty the car, and once they’re back inside, Carole tells Quinn how the couch in the den pulls out and she left quilts and pillows for her, but if she needs more, the linen closet is next to the bathroom upstairs. The four guys stand in the living room as they duck into the den, figuring out which bags belong to who and leaving the bag of presents next to the beautifully decorated tree (Carole did such a nice job - Kurt trained her well in the two years he lived here). Blaine fidgets with his suitcase for a moment before saying quietly, “Um. So, am I sleeping on this couch?”

Burt shoots Kurt a look, eyebrows raised as if to ask is this kid for real? and he can tell Finn is trying to hold back his laughter. “Blaine, you’re staying upstairs in my room, it’s okay.” Blaine starts stuttering about rules and how he would never want to impose under someone’s roof, and finally, Burt cuts him off.

“Blaine,” he says, walking over closer to both of them and dropping his voice, because seriously, Finn is about five seconds from losing it. “That’s - that’s awful nice of you, but you’re gonna be here a week, and you’ll just be in the way down here. I trust Kurt and from what I know about you, I don’t have anything to worry about.” Blaine’s brow furrows for a moment, unsure what Burt means, and Burt looks him in the eye and claps him on the shoulder. “I mean, you’re a good kid, so I trust you just like Kurt. Plus, the fact that you look scared shitless right now pretty much tells me you’re not gonna do anything stupid.”

That gets Blaine to laugh, ducking his head. “Thanks, Mr. Hummel. I mean. Burt. I’ll get that right before we leave,” he promises, though Kurt has his doubts. Kurt grabs Blaine’s hand and mentions they’re going to take their things upstairs, because he knows Finn needs a good chuckle and he’d rather Blaine not see it.

“I’m sorry,” Blaine breathes out the second they’re behind Kurt’s bedroom door, and Kurt can’t help it. He pulls him close as he drops his suitcases to the floor, hands roaming up the planes of his back and kissing him far more intensely than he should for someone who just had a conversation with his father about trust.

“Don’t you dare apologize,” he murmurs against Blaine’s lips. “You are actually the cutest ever and I don’t know how I ever found you.”

“I’m really glad Quinn saw that ad for the apartment on Craigslist,” Blaine sighs, opening his mouth just slightly for their next kiss, and Kurt is unable to resist temptation. He’s been stuck in a car all day for far too long with too much pent up energy and he knows they have to go back downstairs and eat dinner, but he licks his way into Blaine’s mouth anyway. He knows it’s a dirty trick, because it drives Blaine crazy (Blaine lets out the tiniest whimper each time he does it that makes Kurt’s insides twist up hotly, deliciously, oh god) and he’s only started doing it recently. Blaine’s tongue has stayed firmly in his own mouth and Kurt hopes maybe this week, now that they have access to some actual privacy, he can coax it over to his a little. He has no doubt Blaine’s tongue will be very talented once he learns how to put it to good use.

God, he’s not only broken his dad’s trust in the last five minutes, he’s a bit of a pervert too. Kurt just has a really hot boyfriend, okay?

He hates himself for pulling away but if he doesn’t, they’ll never stop. “We should, um, unpack a little. And cool down,” Kurt says with a laugh, pressing his face against Blaine’s neck, which is still covered with his scarf. They still have their coats on as well. No wonder he’s burning up.

“At least take your outerwear off first,” Blaine says with a smirk, unwinding Kurt’s scarf from his neck slowly, which really isn’t doing anything to help him cool down. It’s just helping him picture Blaine removing all of his clothes once he’s done with the scarf. He takes the scarf from Blaine’s hands and picks up the suitcases from where they’ve scattered on his floor, thinking of how Quinn is probably alone downstairs with Finn, unless Carole’s rescued her to help with dinner - and if that’s not a good enough reason to hurry, he’s not sure what is.


The first night, they are too exhausted to do anything but sleep, but it’s comforting to wake up in the morning next to Blaine. Blaine’s up before him, watching him with such reverence, the second Kurt opens his eyes, he promptly shuts them, laughing bashfully and rolling away. “You haven’t been up long, have you?” he asks, hoping Blaine slept well. Sure, they slept in the same bed once in the loft, but this feels different - immersing him into his old life before New York, letting Blaine see something hiding beneath all of that, something real.

“Mmm, no,” Blaine answers, chasing Kurt across the bed so fast his words tickle the back of his neck. Kurt’s pretty sure he’s lying.

They don’t do much of anything on Sunday aside from all trek to the grocery store to buy things for their holiday meal, which Quinn insists on helping Carole and Kurt make. They pick up cookie supplies as well and spend the rest of the afternoon and night baking batches of assorted favorites. Kurt almost worries they’ll go to waste and then he remembers Finn is around.

They turn in early since Carole still has to work Monday and Tuesday and Burt’s going into the shop with Finn to check on things since he’s in town. Kurt, Blaine and Quinn are meeting Mercedes and Rachel at the mall for a little last minute shopping and lunch, so they figure there’s no use in staying up much later either. “Are you having fun?” Kurt asks as they slip under the covers together, socked feet drifting over each other as they snuggle under.

“I am. Quinn is too, she told me. I - I’m really glad you asked us. This is much better than being in New York without you for a week.” He smiles and bridges the gap between them to kiss Kurt gently, Kurt humming into the kiss. They trade kisses for a few minutes, Kurt trying to turn up the volume a few times but Blaine slowing them back down, and finally, he cuts them off with an exasperated sigh, flinging himself back against the pillows. “Kurt!

“Is this about what my dad said?” Blaine stares at him blankly and says nothing, and Kurt takes the opportunity to lay back against the pillows himself. “I’m going to take a gander and guess that your parents never talked to you about sex. When I was sixteen, I had a really awkward conversation with my dad about sex, but the gist of it was he wanted me to be safe and he wanted me to wait for someone I … cared for.” Kurt doesn’t use the word love, because he certainly didn’t love any of his ex-boyfriends, and it’s far too soon to be thinking about that with Blaine. (Even if he is. Tiny naggings at the back of his mind that he tells to shut up.)

“My point is, we could probably be having sex in here, and as long as we were quiet and safe and he didn’t walk in on us, he wouldn’t care. That’s all he meant by trusting us to not be stupid. And I’m sorry, I’m not going to sleep in the same bed with you for a week and not make out with you at all,” he quips, a grin starting to form on his lips, and he can see Blaine’s resolve starting to crumble. “I mean, unless you don’t want to. But it’s been a while since we’ve had any time alone, and I don’t want you to think you have to be afraid of my dad.”

“O-okay,” Blaine decides with a shaky breath. “Okay, good, because I thought it was going to be really hard to sleep next to you and barely kiss you too, oh Kurt.”

It didn’t take much to convince Blaine to change his mind. Maybe Kurt should have a little fun with that. “I don’t know,” Kurt replies playfully. “Now I’m not so sure. I’m not convinced you want to do this. I think maybe you were using my dad as an excuse.” His tone is light and teasing, and he hopes Blaine catches on.

“What? Kurt, I would never - oh,” he says when he gets it, when everything clicks. “Um. What can I do to convince you otherwise?” Blaine’s eyes are so impossibly wide and his lips are so full and pink, Kurt wants to groan at just how perfectly amazing his boyfriend looks.

“I’m sure you could figure something out.” Kurt’s voice comes out low from suppressing his groan, and Blaine actually looks like he’s going to pounce on him. He crawls over to where Kurt is lying on the pillows, hovering over him, and reaches down to cup his cheek. “Please, Blaine,” Kurt whispers before Blaine kisses him harder than he ever has before. Kurt was going to play it up for a bit and not kiss back, tease him as long as possible, but Blaine knocked the wind out of him on the very first try and he has no choice. Kurt arches his neck up, suddenly hungry for it, as if something’s been ignited within him and he can’t get enough of Blaine’s mouth, and he drops his own lips open more, deepening the kiss.

Blaine’s tongue tentatively strokes its way into Kurt’s mouth, but just as soon as it’s there it’s gone again, and Kurt can’t hold back a groan at the loss. Everything goes still for a moment and both sets of eyes flutter open and lock, Blaine’s searching Kurt’s as if he’s wondering if he did that right. Kurt’s the one that breaks, closing his eyes and resuming the kiss, trying to keep his mouth soft and pliant for Blaine. He finally tries again, and this time, Kurt strokes his own tongue alongside Blaine’s, and he hears Blaine breathe in sharply through his nose when he does. It’s a little messy as they keep going, tongues attempting to move in unison and getting a little tangled in the process, but who cares?

“Okay? Was that, I mean,” Blaine asks as he moves further downward, trailing his wet lips down the dip in Kurt’s chin and then further down over his Adam’s apple.

“Oh - so okay, Blaine.” He gasps as Blaine continues to kiss along his neck, bringing the back of his hand up to wipe the corners of his mouth. They don’t normally do this since Kurt’s skin is far more sensitive than Blaine’s (and Blaine’s mouth is far less delicate), but Kurt has a whole collection of silk scarves from high school hiding in his closet he wouldn’t mind an excuse to revisit if needed.

He’s going to have to make Blaine stop soon though, because he’s already fully hard in his pajama pants, and while he has excellent self control, it’s not like he can get himself off once Blaine leaves like he can back in New York. He has to sleep in the same bed as him. It doesn’t help that Kurt’s pajamas are more revealing than his usual date clothes, and Blaine is nosing at Kurt’s thin cotton sweatshirt and kissing along his collarbone, which is something that drives Kurt mad. Blaine shifts above him as he does it, and it occurs to Kurt he’s had to hold himself up for a pretty long time, so it’s not all that surprising when his arms give out and he falls with a soft oof against Kurt’s chest.

Their legs also tangle together, and the tip of Blaine’s cock is brushing his hip and his own is wedged against Blaine’s thigh. He takes a moment to feel Blaine against him before he says anything - he knows he turns Blaine on, of course, but feeling him hard against his hip is different and oh, how Kurt wants more right now, but he knows they can’t, and he wouldn’t change his mind even if Blaine did too. “Kurt - Kurt, I can feel your -”

“Yeah, yeah, I can feel you too. You feel so amazing,” Kurt blurts out without thinking, and a blush begins to form on Blaine’s cheeks. “I’m sorry - but - it’s true. Just - just because we’re not ready for anything else yet - that doesn’t mean you have to hide this.”

“Y-yeah? It’s not - too much?” Blaine seems distracted, probably because he still can’t believe Kurt’s cock is touching his thigh, and Kurt can’t really blame him.

“I - I think right now it’s a little too much,” Kurt teases, and Blaine laughs, climbing off of him and putting a little bit of distance between them. “Phew. You have me seriously convinced, Blaine Anderson. Make outs for the rest of the week.”

Blaine laughs again, and his smile is so large, the corners of his eyes crinkle up. “You are the best boyfriend ever,” he says with a sigh, and Kurt blows hot air at him.

“You’re just saying that because I’m the only boyfriend ever,” Kurt deflects, but he’s grinning as he reaches across Blaine to turn out the lamp on the nightstand. He’ll settle for that, because he thinks the same about Blaine, and last he checked, Blaine wasn’t his only boyfriend ever.


If Burt, Carole, and Finn have any gripes about starting their Christmas festivities late because Blaine and Quinn are going to church with Mercedes, they don’t let on to Kurt, thankfully. Maybe everyone is grateful for the late wake up call, as opposed to getting up at six am when Finn was a kid at least, from the stories he’s heard (Kurt at least waited until eight). Carole is going to cook breakfast, and then they’ll do presents once Blaine and Quinn are back, and then have a late lunch before fighting over which Christmas movie to watch. Kurt’s pretty sure once Finn finds out Blaine and Quinn haven’t seen ‘Christmas Vacation,’ he’ll be vetoing everything else and climbing over them all to get to the DVD player.

Kurt sets an alarm for nine, since the service at Mercedes’ church is at eleven, and when he wakes up, he realizes that the bed is empty. Blaine is standing at Kurt’s window, looking out in awe, and he finally turns back to Kurt. “Merry Christmas, Kurt. It’s - it’s snowing.”

“Blaine, have you never seen snow before?” Kurt asks, climbing out of bed and standing behind him. It’s really coming down and Kurt hasn’t really thought about it before, but growing up in California probably never afforded him the opportunity.

Blaine shakes his head. “We never took any winter vacations to places that had snow. The Fabrays went skiing once, but we didn’t go that year, and the few times it’s snowed in New York have been at night and we’ve woken up to that dirty slush.”

Kurt wraps his arms tightly around Blaine’s waist and hooks his chin over Blaine’s shoulder looking up at him as he stares out the glass in amazement, the front yard already covered in a thick blanket of white. “Merry Christmas, Blaine,” he whispers as they stare out into their picture-perfect moment.

He finally tears Blaine away from the window and gets him moving towards the shower, calling Mercedes and wishing her a merry Christmas as well, but really asking if she can come and pick Quinn and Blaine up. They were just going to meet her at the church but he doesn’t want Blaine driving the rental car in the snow. He finds Carole already in the kitchen, perusing the fridge, and steals the carton of eggs to scramble some for Quinn and Blaine before they leave, giving her a quick hug as he does.

Blaine comes down the stairs looking adorable in a warm grey sweater and navy slacks, with his requisite white button down and skinny black tie. This one has a stripe of red on the side and Kurt doesn’t think he’s seen it before, but there’s also red and navy stripes on the collar of his sweater, and he looks festive. Quinn emerges from the den in a dusty blue sweater dress and plaid tights and black boots and Kurt sees Blaine pull her into a warm embrace out of the corner of his eye as he pops bread in the toaster.

It’s a bit of a flurry as Mercedes shows up and there’s more hugs and greetings and catching up with Carole and a sleepy-eyed Finn who managed to make his way down the stairs. Kurt watches from the doorway as Blaine and Quinn walk to Mercedes’ car and he’s glad he did, because Blaine bends down to touch the snow in the driveway and grins back at him.

Carole goes all out for breakfast, to Finn and Burt’s delight, and they talk about the shop a lot, things that they haven’t steered away from on purpose in front of Blaine and Quinn, but things that obviously would have been boring for them to listen to, not knowing the workings of Hummel Tire and Lube.

Finn offers to do the dishes, and Kurt says he’ll help, but Carole shoos him away, handing him a cup of coffee and telling him to spend some alone time with his dad. They head out to the living room, Kurt on the couch and his dad in his recliner, and Kurt realizes this is the first time all week they’ve had any time alone together.

“New York. It’s been good to you,” Burt says finally, once Kurt is situated on the couch, and Kurt laughs into his coffee mug.

“I like to think so. I miss you guys - I miss it here more than I thought I would, I’m not going to lie - but it’s where I belong. Vogue is where I feel like I’m meant to be, and Blaine -” Kurt cuts off then, feeling himself blush, paying attention to his coffee instead of continuing.

“He’s good for you too. I wasn’t sure what kind of guy you’d find out there with they way they portray all those crazy city kids on TV, and - well, Blaine’s not like them,” he says with a wry smile.

“No, no he’s not.” Kurt lets himself smile a little himself because never in a million years did he think he could find someone like Blaine, let alone in New York City, and certainly not in the loft right next door.

“I’m glad he’s not. He keeps you grounded. I can still see my Kurt in there, even if you don’t look like him very much anymore.” Burt winks and Kurt scoffs at him.

“I haven’t been gone that long, Dad. I saw you six months ago!” He sips his coffee as an excuse, but Burt’s still looking at him with amusement.

“Seven and a half. It doesn’t matter. Soon I won’t even be able to get you home for Christmas.” Kurt looks up from his coffee mug and over at his father, who’s trying hard not to look sad, he can tell. He’s trying to play it off. Growing up and moving on, it’s a part of life, and he knows his dad is proud of him, immensely so, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t wish things were different sometimes.

“Incorrect. I will always come home for Christmas. No matter what.” He and Burt share a smile, and he’s absolutely telling the truth. Once Blaine and Quinn come back, the house will be full of just about everyone in his life that he holds dear, and he can’t imagine a better way to spend the holidays, now or ever.