Fic: Shatter The Walls For A New Sun {6/10}

Title Shatter The Walls For A New Sun 6/10
Rating NC-17
Word Count 4,300/37,100
Warnings Note the increased rating. Innocence!kinkish-stuff, but idk, both boys are pretty innocent.
Summary AU in which Blaine was raised by highly religious parents and escapes to NYC with Quinn, moving in next door to Rachel and Kurt. (Alternately: Bible!Blaine meets NYC!Kurt. Shit happens.)
Notes Again, INCREASED RATING. NAKEDNESS HAPPENS. This is basically one really long scene, whoops. Enjoy!

Prologue // One // Two // Three // Four // Five  // LJ // AO3 


Kurt finally excuses himself to go take a shower after he and his dad have talked for a while, that way once Blaine and Quinn return they don’t have to wait too long to start opening presents, even though he knows Finn and Burt still have to take showers after him - they certainly won’t need as much time to get dressed.

Kurt walks into the bedroom after his shower already dressed in his charcoal pants and hunter green button down, the skinny black tie coordinating nicely (he picked it out with Blaine in mind), to find Blaine already back, sitting on the edge of his bed. “Wow, Kurt,” he murmurs when Kurt comes into view, his eyes growing wide, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows thickly. “You look … amazing.”

“Thanks,” Kurt replies, grinning and walking over to him, waiting for Blaine to match it, but he doesn’t, he just casts his eyes downward and tentatively traces a finger over the notches at the waistband of Kurt’s pants, the invisible line they’ve set for each other. “Hey. What are you thinking?” he asks, his voice soft and a little vulnerable.

Blaine yanks his hand back immediately, as if Kurt’s pants are going to burn him, looking as if he’s unsure if he should say anything. Kurt places a finger under his chin, tilting it upwards to capture his lips in a reassuring kiss, whispering, “You know you can tell me anything, right?” when they break.

Blaine worries his lip, pausing before finally saying, “Sometimes – sometimes you look so good I have to actually stop myself, because I want to reach out and touch you. Everywhere, oh, oh –”

Kurt reaches out for Blaine’s hands, hanging between them as if he doesn’t know what to do with them now that he’s pulled them away and slowly brings them back to his body, placing his palms flat against his hips. He leaves Blaine’s hands there, feeling his fingertips dig into his skin underneath his pants, reaching up to kiss Blaine again. It’s not soft and reassuring like before, but wanton, hungry, and if it weren’t twelve forty-five on Christmas day, Kurt would throw Blaine back on the bed and let him touch him everywhere, anywhere he wanted.

“You - whenever you’re ready for anything more than kissing, you just have to tell me, remember? Is this you telling me?” Kurt pants against Blaine’s lips, and Blaine runs a palm down Kurt’s thigh, below the belt for sure, but still decidedly safe. He whines when Blaine pulls far enough away to look Kurt in the eye, pupils blown wide and lips still parted.

“I - I don’t -” Blaine starts to say, but doesn’t continue, dropping his head and looking down towards his fingers still kneading into Kurt’s thigh.

“Blaine, it doesn’t have to be some big thing,” Kurt whispers, leaning back in to kiss him soft and slow once more, resting their foreheads together. “Remember? Being with someone you care about. I care more about you than anything, more than anyone, and I want to make you feel so good, but only when you’re ready. Think about it, okay? We’ll talk later tonight, when we’re alone, because we really should get back downstairs.”

“Y-yeah. Yes.” Blaine removes his hand from Kurt’s thigh but leaves it hovering just above for a moment as if he really needs to convince himself. “Yes, of course, sorry. Tonight.” He offers him a sheepish smile and Kurt kisses his temple before backing away to straighten his clothes in the mirror.

When they head downstairs, Kurt’s delighted to see that Carole’s been sneaky, adding two more stockings to the mantle with Blaine and Quinn’s names on them while they were out. They’re filled with candy and silly toys and gift cards, and Finn gets some tiny hand-held Nerf gun that Kurt swears is going to take an eye out, despite being operated by a twenty year old man who was in the army for a few weeks (maybe the fact that he shot himself in the leg is a good indication of his worries).

Kurt gets Blaine more bow ties and thanks to one of Rachel’s old NYADA friends who is now a swing for the show, tickets to go see ‘Newsies’ next month since Blaine has never really seen a Broadway show - at least not on Broadway. Blaine gets Kurt a sleek leather portfolio since he mentioned sketching and taking work notes on his tablet is sometimes a pain, complete with a sketchbook with thick paper and a set of pencils inside. It’s the same size as his tablet so they’ll stack nicely in his satchel, and while he’s explaining all of the features of a portfolio, for crying out loud, Kurt can’t stop grinning at how much thought he put into it. There’s even his initials, KH, embossed in the corner of the rich mahogany leather.

Their late lunch is really dinner by the time it’s all prepared, but it’s lovely, and true to form, Finn does make them watch ‘Christmas Vacation’ followed by ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol,’ which both Quinn and Blaine have actually seen. There’s not enough room on the couch for everyone, so Finn takes the recliner, and Burt, Carole and Quinn all squeeze on the couch. Kurt and Blaine set up blankets and pillows to the side of the couch, near the TV, and Kurt knows Burt and Carole can see them out of the corner of their eyes, cuddling as the movies play, but he has no qualms about any of it. He catches his dad watching them and grinning around the time Clark is stuck in the attic, and he turns his head slightly to grin back at him.

It’s after ten by the time the movies are over, and Burt and Carole decide to turn in. Blaine decides he’s going to head up and take a shower, and once he’s gone, Finn starts to fidget, and says, “I, uh, I’m gonna head out for a bit. I won’t be gone long.”

The way he’s acting, he’s obviously hiding something, and the only thing Kurt would care about is Rachel. Kurt sighs. “Tell Rachel hello, Finn. Don’t be stupid for once, okay?”

Finn turns back from the hallway, gaping and stuttering, and Quinn covers her mouth with her hand primly to hide her laughter. Kurt rolls his eyes and hisses at him to get out, waving his hands at him to shoo him out the door. “Have they, ah … Rachel’s told me a little,” Quinn says diplomatically.

“It’s a long and tortuous tale,” Kurt says as he heaves another sigh. “Enough about them. Did you have a good Christmas? Ohio treating you right?”

She leans over and hugs Kurt tightly as he sits down on the couch next to her. “It’s the best Christmas I’ve had in a long time, Kurt. Thank you for everything you’ve done.”

“I didn’t want to ask Blaine in case he hadn’t but … have you talked to Cooper today? Either of you?” Cooper’s spending the day with the Andersons. Cooper would always have Blaine’s back but for appearances, for his job, he’ll always have to side with their parents on the surface. He knows it hurts Blaine even if it doesn’t really mean anything, but he needs to show up to church on Christmas day with his parents and grandparents like he’s part of a big, loving family, and smile and act the part.

Thankfully, Quinn nods. “He called us just as we got out of our service here. They talked for a bit - I don’t know what they said. When I talked to Cooper, he acted like everything was fine. He probably won’t be back out this way until spring.” There’s a hint of something in her voice, something that makes Kurt wonder if her relationship with Cooper has always been strictly platonic, and she finally clears her throat. “I think I’m going to head to bed as well. It’s been a long day. Tell Blaine good night for me?” Kurt gives her one last hug before heading up the stairs to his bedroom.

Kurt sets all of their presents in a corner - there’s a lot of socks. Carole always buys socks, so Blaine ended up with some too, fluffy ones to sleep in as well as nicer, dress socks - before heading to where he has his suitcases set up to pull out his pajamas. He debates changing, but figures Blaine will be back soon and should just wait, setting his clothes on the desk and sitting down on the edge of the bed, checking the messages on his phone to pass the time.

He’s all set to get up and head to the bathroom himself once he hears the door open, but makes no motion to move off the bed when he realizes Blaine’s walked in wearing only a towel and his sleeveless undershirt. “Sorry, I, um, forgot to grab clothes. I thought you might not be up here yet.” He averts his eyes, heading quickly to his suitcase, and Kurt stares at his broad shoulders that lead down into a tiny waist, so much skin at once that could be more, and he has to stop him.

“Wait,” he says, his voice coming out shaky as he jumps up off the bed, rushing to Blaine’s side. Blaine’s chest reveals a light dusting of hair peeking out over his undershirt that Kurt wants to run his hands over and he realizes he hasn’t said anything else, Blaine staring at him expectantly and probably weirded out because he’s probably naked under his towel and Kurt is oogling. “You know that feeling you were talking about earlier? I feel that, ah, times five right now, did you um, maybe think about that at all? Because you can put clothes on if you want, but I really, really don’t want you to.”

“Y-yeah?” Blaine asks shakily as Kurt runs a hand tentatively down his arm, shoulder to bicep to elbow to wrist, because he hasn’t even seen Blaine in a short-sleeved shirt in months, let alone something this revealing ever. Kurt nods slowly, his eyes still transfixed on Blaine’s arm, and he glances up at him to prove his point. “Okay. Okay.”

“You sure? I want you to be sure.” Kurt brings Blaine’s hand to his mouth where he’s still holding his wrist and kisses his fingertips, featherlight. It’s Blaine’s turn to nod and he covers Kurt’s mouth with his own, making no mistake about what he wants when he kisses him, murmuring “Let’s get in bed.”

Kurt untucks his shirt as they move, stealing kisses as they head towards it. His fingers aren’t working fast enough unbuttoning the buttons and Blaine is tugging his tie loose, and Kurt could groan embarrassingly just from that. Kurt’s not wearing an undershirt, so once the tie is over his head and the shirt is shrugged off his shoulders, he’s suddenly wearing fewer clothes than Blaine. “Oh … Kurt,” Blaine breathes out, and Kurt sits down on the edge of the bed to pull off his socks.

“Are - are you wearing anything underneath here?” Kurt asks, tugging at where the towel is looped closed; not enough to undo it, just enough to let Blaine know what he’s talking about.

Blaine nods again, just barely, looking down at Kurt with hooded lids. “I - I didn’t want to be naked in your hallway. I put my underwear back on.”

Kurt grins at naked in your hallway, because Blaine is about to be naked in his bedroom. He undoes the towel for real this time, letting it pool on the floor, revealing red briefs underneath. “How festive,” Kurt says with another grin, and Blaine blushes as red as his drawers.

“I didn’t realize anyone would see,” Blaine mumbles, and Kurt stands up, because being eye level with Blaine’s crotch is just making his mouth water and there’s no room for that tonight. He noticed the outline of Blaine’s cock in them when he was down there - Blaine’s half-hard already - staring won’t help matters. Besides, he’s still in his pants.

“I like them,” Kurt says, kissing Blaine until he can feel him start to smile. “It’s like you’re my last present of the night.”

“Does that mean you’re my present?” Blaine asks cheekily, teeth grazing Kurt’s bottom lip as he does it, and Kurt humms.

“Indeed. I could make a cheesy joke about you taking my pants off, but I’m just going to unbutton them, okay?” He lets them fall to the floor, kicking them far enough away so they don’t get damp mingling with the towel. He tries to stand still as Blaine’s eyes drift down to his own dark grey briefs, letting him stare his fill before he runs his hands up under Blaine’s undershirt, lifting it up over his head and tossing it to the ground with the rest of his clothes.

“Come on,” Kurt whispers, turning and crawling up into the bed, trying not to stall too much, though he knows Blaine is probably staring at him on the bed since he hasn’t joined him. Before he gets to the pillows, though, he feels the bed dip, and Blaine’s beside him before he knows it.

“Can I -” Blaine asks, his hand hovering over Kurt’s ribcage as he rolls on his side towards him, and he looks up at Kurt expectantly. Kurt surges forward, fusing their lips together, only breaking contact to murmur, “You don’t have to ask. You can touch me wherever you want.”

So, Blaine grabs at Kurt’s ribs, and Kurt grips at Blaine’s waist, and he’s probably digging too hard with his fingers as they kiss frantically, but they can’t keep their hands off of each other, roaming up their torsos. Their other hands are trapped between them, the hardship of laying on their sides, so Kurt nudges Blaine onto his back with his fingers. “Much better,” Kurt whispers harshly in Blaine’s ear as he climbs over him, and Blaine arches against him as he teases his earlobe with his tongue. His cock brushes against Kurt’s hip in the process, and he’s so hard already, and Kurt hasn’t even done anything yet.

Kurt wonders how long he can get away with drawing this out, because he wants to kiss Blaine all over, so he doesn’t delay, hurrying along, down Blaine’s neck to uncharted territory, down his chest. He looks up at Blaine as he runs his lips down his collarbone, and Blaine is watching him, eyes impossibly wide. Blaine’s hands are gripping him anywhere he can reach, his shoulder, the side of his neck, tangling in his hair. When Kurt continues down, teeth grazing over a nipple in passing, Blaine chants out a steady, stuttering stream of ohs, and Kurt glances up to see Blaine’s hands fisting in the sheets, no longer grabbing at his skin.

“Good?” he asks, flattening his tongue against the nub beginning to form, and he sees Blaine biting down on his lip out of the corner of his eye, not permitting himself to answer aside from a quick nod of his head. He brings his mouth over to Blaine’s other nipple to tease it, his fingertips teasing the one his mouth just left as Blaine gasps above him. He runs his hands down the hair on Blaine’s stomach, still soft from his shower, and Kurt wants to nuzzle his face in it, lick all the way down the waistband of Blaine’s briefs, but he knows he’s teased far too much already from the way Blaine is writhing beneath him.

Kurt straddles Blaine’s torso, leaning down to bring their lips together, and when Kurt pulls away, getting ready to move further down, because he wants to feel his cock against Blaine’s this instant, he hesitates because of the way Blaine is grappling at his waist and staring at his crotch. “I - I know you said not to ask b-but, please -”

Blaine wants to touch him. Kurt nods shlyly, nudging Blaine’s hand further downward with his own, and when Blaine’s fingers cup around him, he can’t help but groan and dig his fingers into Blaine’s shoulder and lean further into the touch. “Blaine,” he exhales, a sigh around his name, and Blaine’s hand is squeezing around him and okay, maybe he doesn’t have much stamina in him either.

“Here,” he breathes out, regrettably backing away from Blaine’s hand, but getting them both off will be better, he knows. He runs the heel of his own hand over the outline of Blaine’s cock in his bright red briefs, Blaine moaning in response, before straddling Blaine’s thighs and slotting everything in place just right. Blaine gasps loudly when their cocks finally line up against each other, Kurt sighing, “Oh, yes,” leaning down to kiss Blaine once more and create more delicious friction between them.

Kurt rolls his hips as he continues to lick his way into Blaine’s mouth, and Blaine’s trying to keep up with kissing back. His hands find the swell of Kurt’s ass as Kurt rocks against him, and Kurt growls against his mouth, causing Blaine to grip the soft flesh even tighter. He pulls at the waistband of Kurt’s briefs, tugging them down, and panting, “C-can we - can we take these off?”

Kurt lets Blaine maneuver the underwear out of the way, down his thighs enough so his cock springs free, and Blaine just stares, transfixed at the sight. Kurt takes the opportunity to pull Blaine’s own briefs down, watching Blaine’s own cock as it curves towards his stomach, and he can’t stare any longer, reaching out for it and pulling the moisture at the tip down the length. “Oh my … Kurt.” There’s a garbled moan right before Kurt’s name, as if Blaine’s trying not to swear, and Kurt bites down on his own lip to hold back a grin. He does the same to his own dick, delighting in the way Blaine watches, because he’s pretty sure there’s no longer lube in his bedside drawer from when he used to jerk off when he lived here - he destroyed that evidence years ago.

He resumes his former position, rolling his hips back down against Blaine, only this time, no fabric separating them, only skin on skin. He tries to kiss Blaine, who throws his head back against the pillows instead, his eyes screwing shut, so Kurt nuzzles in along his neck. “Kurt. O-oh, oh, Kurt, you feel so good.”

“I know, I know, you too,” Kurt chants into his skin as he grinds downward. “Don’t hold back, let me see you,” he adds, reaching up to push Blaine’s hair out of his face (he must have really been flustered to go so easy on the gel earlier), and Blaine’s eyes flutter open. Kurt’s eyes meet his, and for that moment, nothing else matters, just him and Blaine and this moment they’re sharing, this moment that Blaine chose to share with him, and before Kurt can kiss him again, his orgasm hits, so different from their accidental moment so many weeks before. There’s no hiding now, no shame or embarrassment, just joy and love and, god, Kurt’s so shallow for thinking it, but Blaine’s really, really stunning when he comes.

Kurt slows momentarily, even though the mess in between them, Blaine’s come all over his own cock and up his stomach, is only egging him on. He waits until Blaine looks up at him from underneath his eyelashes, murmuring, “What can I do … for you?” His hips stutter forward shakily again and he can’t help it, “Oh, go-” slips out of his mouth before he stops himself, grumbling against Blaine’s shoulder instead of finishing.

“Hey, you shouldn’t hold back on me either. You really shouldn’t.” The tone of Blaine’s voice is low and pulling Kurt’s insides impossibly tighter, and he whispers fuck without thinking. Blaine’s eyes grow giant and he surges forward to kiss Kurt and Kurt really should take his own advice more often. “I - I really want to make you come.” The words ghost against Kurt’s lips, and Kurt gasps against Blaine’s mouth as his swimming head tries to form a response.

“Bring your hand back where it was,” he replies, whining when Blaine’s palm grips his ass firmly. He grinds back against it and then forward again before nipping at Blaine’s bottom lip and muttering, “And keep kissing me.”

That’s really all it takes, because Kurt only thrusts against Blaine a few times before his own orgasm hits, crying out against Blaine’s jaw because their lips miss the mark. Blaine kisses his cheek instead, his fingertips digging into his skin and pulling him close as his body spasms and jerks and Kurt rolls off to the side once he’s done, as not to crush Blaine, but keeps their faces close to keep kissing him. God, he could kiss Blaine forever. Maybe he just will.

“You okay?” he finally asks afterwards as silence hangs in the air, his face tucked against the crook of Blaine’s neck, as his stupid insecurities are getting the best of him. He knows he said it didn’t have to be a big deal, but now, afterwards, it seems like it was, for Blaine, for them.

“Amazing,” Blaine whispers into Kurt’s hair, before repeating it against his temple. “Everything was amazing. You’re amazing.”

“I - before we got together, I honestly wasn’t sure how all of this would work,” Kurt says, laughing lightly against Blaine’s skin.

“Kurt Hummel, are you just with me for my body? The truth finally comes out,” Blaine teases, and his breath ruffles Kurt’s hair as he laughs himself.

“Shut up.” His head lolls over to the pillow and he brushes a hand across Blaine’s cheek. “You know what I mean. Not just this … well, I mean, this too, sure. I just can’t imagine sitting in class after class growing up, learning how sex is bad and somehow, still getting to this.”

Blaine purses his lips for a moment as if he’s trying to figure out how to explain. “I mean, obviously I can’t wait until I’m married. I can’t even get married in most places. And even then, no one’s going to get pregnant, and that’s what the whole point of all this is supposed to be, right? Plus, the way I look at it, there’s all kinds of things in the bible that aren’t relevant anymore. All kinds of messed up stuff, so really, it’s up to each person to interpret what’s in there for themselves. Most people look to the church to do that, and well, you know how well that worked out for me.”

Kurt has nothing to add, so he kisses Blaine’s cheekbone and waits, letting Blaine ramble. “Like you said, all that mattered was I was with someone I cared about, someone I lo-”

The air changes, because they both know what Blaine meant to say. Kurt doesn’t know if he should push Blaine, because he feels it too, wants to say it, but what if - Kurt doesn’t want to think about what ifs. Blaine clears his throat, unfortunately moving on, saying, “You don’t give yourself enough credit, you know.”

“What do you mean?” he hums, another brush of his lips against the soft flesh of Blaine’s cheek.

“That whole story about your dad - Rachel told me before you did. She told me how against organized religion you were and never once have I felt uncomfortable being myself around you. You’ve never made me feel that way. So when you came to me, worried - I truly had no idea you felt like that. You’ve always been so welcoming and kind and open-hearted.”

Kurt ducks his head and laughs lightly, his eyelashes dusting Blaine’s skin, and he murmurs, “What?” He’s laughing, because the first thing that popped into his head was because that’s love, and screw insecurities. He looks up at Blaine, whose brow is furrowed adorably in confusion and he kisses him squarely on the mouth.

Another leap forward.

“Do you know why? Why none of that matters to me when it did in the past with other people?” Blaine’s looking at him expectantly, and he inhales deeply before breathing out, “Because I love you, and if you’re not ready to say it back, that’s fine, I just - I wanted you to know.”

Kurt,” Blaine replies, his voice thick, and he surges forward to kiss him again. “I - I love you too, I didn’t - well, it doesn’t matter what I thought. I love you so much.”

The following week when they get home, Rachel goes to a New Year’s Eve party with her NYADA friends and Quinn to one with her Columbia friends. Kurt has invites from coworkers at Vogue, parties he probably shouldn’t turn down (and next year he won’t), but the allure of newfound love is too strong. Next year, they’ll be in a different place, but this year is about starting fresh, starting together, starting out together as one instead of two people drifting along.

They snuggle on the couch, watching the countdown, and climb to the roof of the building at midnight to catch just a glimpse of fireworks over the bridge in the distance. When Kurt kisses Blaine just after what they assume to be midnight, from the cheers and catcalls in the street, he smiles into it, breathing in Blaine’s aftershave deeply, and he can’t imagine a more perfect start to the year ahead.