Fic: Shatter The Walls For A New Sun {8/10}

Title Shatter The Walls For A New Sun 8/10
Rating NC-17
Word Count 6,000/48,100
Summary AU in which Blaine was raised by highly religious parents and escapes to NYC with Quinn, moving in next door to Rachel and Kurt. (Alternately: Bible!Blaine meets NYC!Kurt. Shit happens.)
Notes I … have nothing to say. :D Hoping to get the last two parts up either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday! Thanks everyone who has been reading ♥ 

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Kurt doesn’t have to wait long to find out what Rachel’s up to. The following week, she drags him to dinner on Sunday while Quinn and Blaine are doing their thing, and he can’t deny he’s curious.

“Okay, out with it. Why have you been so squirrely lately?” he asks over their plastic menus in the bar and grill down the street from their apartment.

She looks affronted at his accusation, and the waiter suddenly appears to take their order. She smiles sweetly at him, changing her tune, and once he’s gone, scoffs again. “I am about to offer you a huge favor and am just looking out for your well-being. You could at least be a little nice to me.”

“Fine,” Kurt replies slowly, considering her point. “I just - you make me nervous when you’re like this.”

Rachel’s expression softens into a smile and she pats his hand across the table. “You have nothing to be worried about, Kurt! You are my best friend and I just want the best for you - and Blaine, of course. I don’t know what I would have done the past eighteen months if I didn’t have you by my side here in the city.”

“Live in the awful NYADA dorms. Date Brody. Or, oh god, still be with my stepbrother.” Rachel stares at him blankly, and okay, maybe that last one was too far, but he hasn’t commented on whatever their Christmas shenanigans were. “I’m sorry. You know you’re my best friend too, right? I say these things out of love,” he adds with a smile, and she relents, smiling herself and continuing.

“Anyway, I’m talking to you about this first, because it was my idea, and then you can talk to Blaine. Quinn and I don’t really know if you and Blaine are ready for it, but we wanted you to know that we are, when you are. Quinn and I went to lunch the other day between classes and talked for a really long time, and I think everything would be fine, whenever you guys are ready -”

“Rachel!” Kurt interrupts, kind of rudely, but she’s rambling and he has no idea what she’s getting at. “I seem to have missed a crucial part of this story.”

“Oh!” she says brightly, clasping her hands together in front of her. “Well, I was just thinking. Instead of kicking me out all the time, and sneaking around and everything - you and Blaine seemed very comfortable together the night he stayed over. And, obviously it’s a big step and I don’t know if you’re ready for it yet, but whenever you are ready, I’m perfectly willing to move next door with Quinn into Blaine’s space and let you guys have 3A.” Rachel smiles warmly at him again, and Kurt’s actually speechless.

This is Rachel Berry. Rachel Berry, who believes the universe revolves around her and her alone and she is actually giving up her space in the loft she shares with her best friend of almost five years to move next door with the girl she’s only known seven months, solely for Kurt’s benefit. Sure, Kurt’s mostly decorated the place, but it’s Rachel’s space too, no doubt. She’s done this by thinking ahead, not springing this on them right when they need it, giving them time to let the idea marinate, and make a rational decision on it. Rachel Berry is nothing rational.

Is this what growing up feels like?

He realizes she’s looking at him expectantly, because he hasn’t said anything, and he laughs lightly under his breath before answering. “That’s - that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for me, Rachel. I don’t know what to say.”

“Well, you don’t have to say anything now,” she replies, grinning even wider and tilting her head to the side. “Just something to think about.”

“I’m not sure if we’re quite ready? Maybe - soon? Definitely soon. I - thank you.” Rachel’s still smiling at him, and he’s not sure if he wants her to elaborate, but she does.

“There’s just something special between you two. I wanted you to know that someone on the outside sees it too. Quinn and I both do.”

In that moment, Kurt Hummel realizes he’s come a long way from the kid five years ago who had no friends at all. Life’s pretty good, and he’s grateful for it.


On Valentine’s Day, Kurt waits in Starbucks for Blaine to get off work, communicating with Rachel via text to make sure she’ll be out of the loft by the time they get home. He sees Blaine come in, waving at him and blowing him a kiss as he heads to get his latte, which is out of character, but he must be in a festive mood today. He wore a bright red sweater that the kids must have loved - or the older kids teased him for. “Hey, ready to get out of here?” Kurt asks, worrying his brow when Blaine sits down, making himself comfortable.

“If we hang out here for a bit, I have a surprise for you,” he says in a mischievous voice, plucking a single key on a key ring from his pocket and placing it on the table. “It’s - kind of silly, but if we give everyone twenty or so minutes to clear out, Caroline said I could go back and use the piano. I - I wanted to sing for you.” Blaine’s blushing a little, and Kurt reaches across the table to take his hand.

Blaine. Does - does that mean you told Caroline? She must have taken things okay if she gave you a key.” Blaine nods and Kurt’s heart leaps even more.

“You, um - we can still meet here, but maybe on Monday you could stop by and introduce yourself? Since she’s letting us use the room? She was very understanding and felt awful for trying to set me up. She asked me all about you.” Blaine tells the rest of his story, how Caroline sort of wondered when he dodged her offers to set him up but wouldn’t give a reason, and she was more than happy to let them use the piano. He still isn’t sure how his other coworkers, Amy and Linda, will take it, but Caroline is really the only one who matters since she’s his boss. They eventually deem enough time passed and head back towards the church.

Kurt’s walked by the building before, but has never stepped inside. It’s an old building, but the neighborhood is full of old buildings so it fits in perfectly. Blaine takes them through the side entrance so they don’t have to walk in the front, and Kurt’s grateful for that. There seems to be some event going on with tons of families. “I, ah, forgot there was a Valentine’s Day banquet tonight? It’s in the front hall, we should be able to avoid it. Come on, I know a shortcut,” he says with a wink the second they’re inside, and Kurt takes his hand as he leads him down a back hallway, his heart beating a mile a minute.

They don’t run into anyone as they make their way to the aftercare rooms, and Blaine explains they’re spread out over a few different spaces. He unlocks the one with the piano and then locks the door behind them, just in case. “You sure it’s okay to be up here?” Kurt asks, taking off his coat and scarf and setting it on a chair with his bag. It looks as if the room is multipurpose, probably used for choir practice on other days.

“I work here and Caroline gave me permission on top of that. Come here,” Blaine says after removing his own outerwear and walking over to the piano bench. “So, I was trying to figure out what to sing for you, because I don’t play the piano a lot and we didn’t listen to a lot of popular music growing up - I mean, when I got to high school, I found stuff behind my parents’ back, of course, but - I’m rambling, sorry.”

Kurt can tell he’s anxious, so he sits down next to him on the bench instead of in one of the chairs alongside. He places his hand on Blaine’s thigh and he takes a shuddering breath. “My grandmother on my mom’s side, she was a huge Sam Cooke fan, and this isn’t exactly right for us probably, but a lot of the lyrics made me think of me and you.”

Blaine gives him one last smile and tinkers with the keys a bit before settling in. “I never cared for simple things like love, June and old place my face was terribly blank to things concerning l’amour.”

Kurt’s sure he’s heard this song before, one that’s jazzier and more uptempo, but Blaine’s slowed it down considerably, since just him and the piano of course. Blaine’s voice is beautiful, and he can’t believe he really hasn’t heard him sing until now. He’s never going to let him live it down. He’s not really sure where he’s going with the song until it hits him when he sings, “For I’m not the guy who cared about love, never cared much, but, oh look at me now. I never knew the technique of kissing; I never knew the thrill I could get from your touch … oh look at me now …

Even Kurt blushes at the words, for Blaine to put himself out there like that. Slowed down, the tone is less joyous and more intimate, and Kurt can hardly believe this is the same shy boy he met outside his apartment just over half a year ago, singing this sultry song to him in a place of worship, of all things. Blaine ducks his head once he’s done, chuckling bashfully, and Kurt fists his hand in Blaine’s sweater to grab his attention, nosing against Blaine’s chin to get at his mouth, brushing their lips together, just barely, because, well, place of worship. “Thank you for that,” Kurt whispers, the words ghosting over Blaine’s cheek where his lips came to rest. “You’re going to have to sing for me all the time now, you know that, right?”

“That’s why I like music,” Blaine admits, laughing against Kurt’s cheek before putting a bit more space in between them. “I can sing things I normally have a hard time saying. I, ah, have one more song? It’s not really a Sam Cooke song, though I did listen to his version growing up.”

“Your grandmother has excellent music taste,” Kurt tells him as he moves his hands back to the keys, and Blaine breaks into a smile.

“She died when I was twelve. I like to think she would have been okay with - with everything. It might have helped with my mom too, I don’t know. But, that’s a story for another time.” He smiles again, a little sadly, and Kurt almost feels bad for bringing it up, but then Blaine starts to sing. “Maybe I’m old fashioned, feeling as I do, maybe I am living in the past, but when I meet the right one I know that I’ll be true, my first love will be my last.”

The corners of Kurt’s mouth start to curl up in a smile. He recognizes the song immediately. “You know this one,” Blaine says, not a question but a statement. “Sing with me. I haven’t heard you sing yet either.” Kurt clears his throat, and nods his head just slightly.

When I fall in love, it will be forever,” he sings, and Blaine’s caught off-guard, because his eyes widen and his eyebrows jump at the sound of Kurt’s voice and he doesn’t pick up until the next line. Kurt blushes again and looks away, Blaine’s awed stare too much for him to take if he’s going to keep singing. He’s thankful that he remembers all the words, since Blaine obviously had time to prepare, and he has no idea how he remembers them from the way Blaine’s singing directly to him with the most open and earnest expression Kurt’s ever seen. He’s never sung with anyone before, not like this, and he suddenly understands somewhat all those stupid duets he had to sit through in glee club, because this - if they were feeling even one ounce of the emotion he feels in this moment, he forgives them all, every last one of them.

When I give my heart, it will be completely or I’ll never, never, never give my heart, and the moment I can feel that you feel that way too is when I give my heart to you.

It’s Blaine that kisses him this time, pulling his hands back from the piano keys with a bit of a clatter, reaching up to cup Kurt’s cheeks with his palms, not kissing Kurt soft and sweet like before at all, but hungry and needy, as if his life depends on it. Their lips slide against each other, a frantic push and pull, before Kurt gasps out Blaine’s name and says, “We - we should go home.” Blaine slows his kisses, but doesn’t stop, causing Kurt to laugh against his lips, finally murmuring, “Take me home, Blaine. There are things I want to do to you that are far too inappropriate to even discuss here.”

Blaine’s eyebrows jump again and Kurt laughs even louder, kissing him one last time. “I love you so much,” he whispers before crawling off the piano bench, and he really, really wishes Bushwick wasn’t so far away.


It’s the longest commute ever.

The trains are running slow and the cars are surprisingly full for eight-thirty on a Friday. Once they’re on a train, Kurt spends most of the ride standing pressed up against Blaine, which he normally wouldn’t mind, but he’s kind of insanely turned on and not even fifty New Yorkers surrounding him is enough to kill that. Blaine must feel the same from the glances he’s giving Kurt, and when they’re finally in Bushwick, they can’t exit the station fast enough. It’s after ten, and Kurt just wants to be inside his nice, warm, empty apartment - and he wants it right now.

“I know you were going to make dinner -” Blaine starts to say once they’re inside, but Kurt just tosses his satchel to the ground and pushes Blaine up against the door.

“I’m not hungry anymore,” Kurt breathes out, surging forward to kiss him for the first time since they left the church, trying to help Blaine out of some of his clothes in the process. Kurt shrugs off his coat, Blaine’s own satchel falling to the floor with a thud, and tugs at his scarf, all the while kissing him frantically. Rachel’s supposed to call with a warning once she’s leaving Callbacks (she has her own ringtone, and Kurt’s informed her that he won’t be answering; it really is just a warning), so he doesn’t mind leaving a mess. They’ll have plenty of time to clean up before she returns.

“Oh, thank goodness,” Blaine sighs, attempting to get Kurt out of his own coat and back him up towards the direction of the bed. Hands wander under sweaters and shirts and fumble with belts and buttons, leaving a trail of clothing all the way to Kurt’s corner of the loft. In all the time they’ve been together - and even before, if Kurt’s being honest - Kurt’s never wanted anyone as much as he wants Blaine right now. They tumble to the bed, naked and already hard (Kurt was hard on the train), and as they scramble towards the pillows, still unable to take their hands off of each other, Blaine pants, “Kurt - I want - I want to -”

“Shh, shh, slow down for a second,” Kurt hums, resting his head against a pillow and catching his breath. Once his breathing calms just a bit, just a few seconds later, he closes the gap between them again to press their lips together gently. “What do you want? Tell me. Tell me everything.”

“I want to make you come w-with my mouth. I - I want to try, at least.” Kurt sucks in a sharp breath at his words, because yes, yes, of course. He nods emphatically, whimpering please against Blaine’s lips, and Blaine grins enthusiastically. Did he really think Kurt would say no?

The next thing Kurt knows, he’s flat on his back and Blaine’s down between his legs staring at his cock - really staring. Kurt tries not to be self-conscious, because he knows Blaine hasn’t been this close before, but he’s starting to get a bit of a complex. “Blaine, honey,” he says softly, and Blaine laughs an apology before placing a single kiss at the tip.

“You’re just … you’re stunning, Kurt, and I can’t believe you’re with me.” Blaine kisses the tip again before sinking his mouth over the head and sucking lightly, just barely, and it doesn’t matter that the pressure’s not enough, Kurt groans loudly regardless (he’s been turned on for hours). “Like that?” Blaine asks after pulling off, a bit of saliva stringing between his bottom lip and Kurt’s cock and looking positively sinful.

Kurt groans again and nods, throwing his head back against the pillows as Blaine sinks his mouth back down. “Yeah, yeah, you can - yes, like that, just like that, oh god, Blaine,” Kurt cries out as Blaine takes him in deeper and sucks harder, and it’s probably a good thing Kurt’s so turned on, because his filter is gone and he’s more vocal than normal. Blaine could probably stand to use some unnecessary praise. Blaine’s mouth sinks even further down, wet heat surrounding him, and when Blaine tries to take him deeper still, it’s too much, and he has to pull off coughing.

“Hey,” Kurt says when he realizes, feeling bad instantly, like maybe he should have talked Blaine through this more. “Don’t try and do more than you can handle. Just take it slow, okay?”

Blaine mumbles his apologies, but he’s smiling, and Kurt wants to tell him not to say he’s sorry, but he’s already back at it, mouthing at the head of his cock again. He’s paying more attention there now, probably letting his gag reflex recover, but Kurt has no complaints. He runs his tongue along the ridge between the head and shaft - he really must have been paying attention to Kurt, bless him, because that drives Kurt crazy. “Oh, fuck Blaine, so good, so good,” he mutters as his toes curl in the sheets and Blaine finally tries to take him deeper again, spit starting to drip everywhere, down his cock, down his balls, onto the bed.

Another reason it’s probably for the best Kurt’s so turned on is that he’s not going to last long at all. He can feel everything in his body tightening as Blaine’s head bobs, his hips twitching from trying to keep them still as to not thrust up into Blaine’s mouth, and with anyone else, he’d feel stupid at how fast it’s upon him, but this is Blaine. Blaine who he shares everything with and he’s almost never embarrassed around, and even if he is, it doesn’t matter. He lets Blaine see sides of him no one else gets to, sides no one else will ever get to, and he’s so glad Blaine’s the person he gets to share himself with.

“Blaine - Blaine, I’m - switch to your hand I’m gonna -” He tries to warn him, but he’s not exactly fast enough. Blaine’s hand gets around him to pump him through his orgasm, but when Kurt opens his eyes, he realizes Blaine must have swallowed some, because there’s a little bit on the corner of his mouth.

Kurt reaches over to wipe it with his finger, getting most of it, and Blaine just says, “Ooops,” laughing and leaning over to suck it off. Something pulls tight within Kurt at that, even though he just came, the way Blaine’s looking up at him while sucking come off his finger, and oh god, when they get this blowjob thing down, Kurt’s going to be powerless around him.

“Come here,” Kurt says, his voice low and scratchy, and he licks the rest of what his finger didn’t get off himself before kissing Blaine hard, delighting in the surprised noise he makes. “Your turn?” he asks coyly when they break, trying to push Blaine back towards the pillows, but Blaine’s not having it.

“Wait,” he says, reaching for Kurt’s hands with his own. “Back at the church - when - when you said you wanted to discuss inappropriate things … you - you should tell me those. I - I don’t have a very good imagination when it comes to this stuff and you should tell me what you want too.”

Kurt blinks back at Blaine. Sure, he’d wanted to talk to him, but that was before it took them over an hour and a half to get home and Blaine was distracting him with blowjobs. “I, um, was envisioning us having that conversation with more clothes on,” Kurt admits, his eyes trailing down to Blaine’s cock, tip glistening and curving towards his belly.

“Hey, I can still think with my brain even when my dick is hard, give me a little credit,” Blaine says, and Kurt laughs, hiding his face against Blaine’s shoulder. “And I would never regret anything we do, okay? Because it’s with you.”

Kurt worries his lip between his teeth before saying, “Anything else we do past this is going to be new to me too, and there’s so much I want to try, Blaine, I just -”

“I know how anal sex works,” Blaine blurts out, and Kurt grins at his boyfriend’s bluntness, burying his head against his shoulder again. “I, um, just wanted to put that out there.”

“Thank you for clearing that up,” Kurt whispers, his voice going a little breathy at the thought of what he’s going to ask next. “Have you ever touched yourself there?”

“No, have you?” Blaine asks, and his own voice keens high at the end, as if he already knows Kurt’s answer is going to be different. Kurt nods slowly and Blaine’s eyelids flutter shut, a moan trapping in his throat.

“I, ah, always thought it would be better with another person. The angle’s kind of awkward when you’re by yourself.” Blaine’s eyes are open again, transfixed on Kurt’s lips and what he’s saying, as if he’s in awe at the idea of Kurt fingering himself, so - “I could … touch you like that. If you wanted. If that’s something you were interested in, I mean.”

“I, yeah, yes, I want to try everything,” Kurt grins a little at the mention of trying everything, and Blaine’s cheeks flush, and he adds, “I mean, I’m sure there’s lots of crazy stuff I don’t even know about, but what I do know about - I want it all with you, Kurt.”

“I’m - I’m really glad to hear that,” he replies, widening his grin before heading to find the lube in the nightstand. “Here, bring your legs up for me,” Kurt says when he returns, nudging at the back of Blaine’s thighs. His breath hitches, and he tries not to stare at the sight of Blaine laid out for him like he is, and he finally says, “You know I think the same thing as you, don’t you? That sometimes I can’t believe you’re with me? That I don’t think you realize how undeniably gorgeous you are?”

Blaine’s cheeks are still flushed, and it spreads down his neck at Kurt’s words. He kisses the inside of Blaine’s thigh lightly as he pops open the bottle, smearing lube over his fingers. “I’ll go slow, okay? Tell me - tell me everything,” he repeats, “I want to know how it feels.” The fact that Blaine’s never done this before is turning him on more than it should, and he can feel his cock trying to get hard again even though he just came.

He nudges at Blaine’s thighs again, spreading them open wider for better access. He trails a wet finger down Blaine’s crack, wishing he could see better, but having Blaine turn over means missing Blaine’s reactions, and no way. Just - no. Just like now, when the pad of his fingertip runs across the spot he’s looking for, Blaine’s mouth forms a perfect circle, his head falling back against the pillows further, and there’s no way he’s missing this for anything.

He runs his finger along the rim of Blaine’s hole, circling and teasing with barely any pressure, not pushing in yet. A few soft gasps escape from Blaine’s lips as he does it, wide circles that bring his fingers away and then back, and he murmurs, “Good?” against Blaine’s thigh where his cheek is resting, just to check, just to make sure Blaine’s still with him.

“Uh-huh,” Blaine grunts in response, and Kurt’s finger slips, his fingertip pressing against the very center of his hole, and Blaine whimpers, begging for more. Kurt begins to gape a little himself, spreading Blaine’s cheeks a little with his free hand so he can have a better view, and slips just the very tip of his finger inside.

“Are you okay?” Kurt asks when Blaine doesn’t say anything aside from inhaling deeply, and Blaine squirms slightly underneath him.

“It feels … weird?” Blaine admits, and his muscles are so tight around Kurt’s fingertip, Kurt has to remind himself to breathe.

“Do you - do you want me to stop?” Kurt asks, but Blaine’s shaking his head.

“No, no, it’s good, maybe just - more? Oh, oh,” he says on the exhale when Kurt eases in to his knuckle, feeling Blaine start to relax slightly around him. He starts slowly dragging his finger in and out of Blaine, getting lost in the sight of it a little, the way it disappears into Blaine’s body completely once he goes even further, giving Blaine his whole finger. Blaine’s sighing and moaning quietly above him, and somehow Kurt thinks it stopped being weird a while ago.

“Do you want even more?” Kurt asks, and a steady stream of pleasepleaseplease falls from Blaine’s lips. He grabs the lube, even though everything’s so wet already, he doesn’t want to risk hurting Blaine. He’s painfully slow working in two fingers, because Blaine clenches around him around the halfway mark, and he can’t help but groan. He’s definitely almost hard again, thoughts of replacing his fingers with his cock flooding his mind, not tonight of course, but soon.

Kurt twists his wrist slightly to angle his fingers better so he can pump them faster, building momentum once Blaine’s opened up for him. “Oh, that feels good, so good, don’t stop,” Blaine gasps, and Kurt doesn’t ask about a third finger, just adds it alongside the others because everything’s so wet, and Blaine’s still so tight around him. Kurt thinks he might be able to get off just from the way Blaine’s groaning and writhing and reacting to his touch and squeezing around his fingers and good lord, his boyfriend is the hottest ever and he has no idea and that makes it even hotter.

“Kurt - Kurt - oh my gosh -” Blaine cries out before he clenches tight around the three fingers inside of him, cock pulsing as come shoots all over his stomach. Kurt watches in awe, torn between watching Blaine’s face and his ass, easing his fingers out slowly once Blaine’s orgasm passes and heading up to kiss him. “You’re - you’re hard again,” Blaine notes, laughing and trailing a hand down Kurt’s stomach, which he bats away.

“That was the hottest thing ever, shut up,” he breathes out. “Do you mind if I, um …”

“Do you want me to help?” Blaine asks, and Kurt shakes his head.

“No, just kiss me, it’ll be quick.” Kurt’s not lying, between Blaine kissing the breath out of him, and Kurt fisting at his cock the way he knows he can get off the fastest, it’s barely a few minutes before he’s coming again weakly all over Blaine’s stomach, his own come mixing with Blaine’s, which is sort of hot in and of itself.

“I think you’re the hottest thing ever, Kurt Hummel,” Blaine murmurs against his neck after it hits, when he’s still shuddering a little, and he lets out a shaky laugh.

“You’re a mess,” Kurt points out, laughing even harder, and Blaine finally joins in. “You’re a mess, the apartment’s a mess, and I don’t even care because I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” Blaine says, which is punctuated with his stomach growling, reminding them that it’s far past dinnertime. It sends them into another fit of giggles, and Kurt drags Blaine to the shower, figuring cleanup is more pertinent than food at this very moment.


Kurt’s almost done cooking dinner when the warning call from Rachel comes through, and Blaine’s a dear, picking up the place while he finishes. When they sit down finally, Kurt realizes the night really is going all ass-backwards, because there was something he’d planned on talking about with Blaine over dinner that he almost forgot about.

“So, before we got distracted, I had something I wanted to talk to you about. Besides the sex stuff.” Blaine looks curious as he cuts into his chicken, but doesn’t say anything, so Kurt continues. “Rachel and Quinn have been plotting behind our backs.”

That grabs his attention, and Kurt quickly says, “It’s nothing bad! Rachel actually had someone else’s best interest at heart for once. She was just thinking … if at any point we wanted to move in together … well, she has no problem living with Quinn, and Quinn feels the same.”

Blaine looks shocked and says nothing, and Kurt doesn’t know how to take that, letting the statement hang in the air a bit. “I mean,” he finally says, “it’s just a thought. It’s not something we have to do today or tomorrow or even next week, but, just, they’re on board, if we ever wanted to.” Kurt starts paying extra attention to his own chicken, cutting each piece into tiny bites and trying not to let Blaine’s silence unnerve him.

“Kurt.” He stabs a piece of chicken with his fork extra forcefully, not looking up at Blaine quite yet. “I - I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything,” he mutters, and Blaine reaches across the table for his empty hand.

“Look at me.” He eventually looks up at Blaine, who’s not mad or awkward at all. He’s got a giant grin on his face, and his eyes are just a touch damp. “I’m really touched they went to the trouble and I’m really honored that you’d want to live with me.”

“Yeah?” Kurt asks, squeezing at Blaine’s hand. “I mean - it’s no rush. I don’t want to pressure you or anything. I just wanted to mention it, since she did.”

“There’s no point in waiting, though, right? Unless you wanted to?” Blaine asks, a bit shyly, and Kurt grins, ducking his head and shaking it. “Quinn and Rachel have spring break next month. That would be a good block of time to get everything done and it’s not too soon.”

“That’s - that’s what, in six weeks?” Kurt asks, butterflies starting up in his stomach, because his boyfriend is going to move in with him. They’re going to live together in this very loft and their two best friends will still be next door, and he’s not quite sure when his life became sitcom-perfect, but he’ll take it. After everything else that’s gone on, everything that’s brought him from Ohio to here, he’ll definitely take it.


Later that week, Kurt’s rushing out of his apartment one morning and finds an unexpected visitor outside their building.


Cooper’s set to arrive later that night, for a long weekend, and he’s not quite sure what he’s doing outside their building so early. In fact, Kurt squints in the cold February air to make sure he’s not seeing things, but no, it’s Blaine’s brother, charming as ever, leaning up against the brick of the building. “Cooper?” Kurt asks, walking towards him, and he jumps off the wall unexpectedly. “Blaine said you weren’t getting in until tonight. Does he know you’re here?”

“Kurt! What a surprise to see you here!” Cooper booms loudly, and yes, what a surprise to see him outside his own apartment building. “I’m not here to see him actually,” he says with his signature grin, as if he thinks that will get him out of any further questions. “It’s been so long, the last time I saw you, you and my brother were such bumbling idiots you couldn’t even ask each other out, and now I hear you’re moving in together! Congrats!”

Kurt narrows his eyes, because he’s not sure if it’s just because Cooper’s trying to deflect the attention away from why he’s really here or what, but his tone isn’t sitting right with him. “Yes, because I really care about the opinion of my relationships from someone who can’t even be honest about his own,” he replies tersely, pulling his coat tighter around him, and Cooper’s eyebrows jump up towards his hairline.

“I - me and Quinn - it’s complicated,” he finally says, and Kurt shakes his head, because he doesn’t really want to know, he just wants to make a point.

“Things are only complicated when you make them complicated,” he adds, sighing, his tone softening. “For what it’s worth, Blaine has no clue, but I’ve had an inkling since Christmas. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t care though. He just wants you to be happy, both of you.”

“I’m happy for you guys too, by the way. Really happy. I haven’t seen my brother this happy in … a long time, Kurt, and you’ve made him this happy.” It’s another one of those rare moments of clarity Cooper sometimes has, sweet and genuine, and Kurt’s thankful for it. He hopes Cooper will tell Blaine these things too at some point, when they’re alone and he works up the courage.

“He makes me happy too, you know. I wasn’t in the best place before I came to New York, and just being in the city fixed a lot of that, but I wasn’t entirely complete until I met Blaine. Does that make sense?” Kurt takes one look at Cooper and can tell that he gets it. Kurt wonders if Quinn is that person for him, or he has other experience to go on, or his moment of clarity just isn’t up yet, but he nods and smiles and pats Kurt on the shoulder.

“I’m glad I ran into you today, Kurt. Glad that we had this talk. Now that you’re dating my brother - you’re going to be living together! - I’m going to have to come up with a nickname for you.” Well, that moment of clarity is up. Kurt’s eyes must widen in horror, because he grins again and laughs. “I’ll brainstorm today. It’ll be great!”

“Cooper - you really don’t have to -” Kurt starts, but Cooper just keeps grinning, clapping him on the other shoulder and shuffling him to the corner.

“You’re on your way to work, right? Don’t want to be late! Especially on my count!”

Kurt makes it to the other side of the street before turning back, Cooper waving jovially, and he just shakes his head, hoping Cooper’s nickname picking skills have improved in the last twenty years. Because, you know, two can play that game, and Kurt has a whole creative staff at Vogue at his disposal to come up with something just perfect.


(for people who didn’t want to click: the Sam Cooke songs are ‘Oh, Look At Me Now’ & ‘When I Fall In Love’)